Gain and Maintain Control
of your Technology Systems

Technology has crept into all aspects of our lives and especially our work. More and more people whose background is not in technology are being asked to manage technology systems, staff, and projects. Technology can be a mixed blessing. It can be a powerful tool, but can also be unbelievably frustrating. Being In Control of your systems makes all the difference.

  • What if the vendor or employee who managed your organization's network is no longer around:
    • "How do we add a new email?"
    • "The new employee needs permission to the shared folder on the server."
    • "Are we backing our files up to the cloud?"
    • "We need to set up a secure VPN link to another location."
  • Maybe you're developing a software application where you are the subject matter expert, but don't know a lot about software development.
    • The software developers seem to always be 90% done.
    • Do you have control of your source code?
    • Do you know if your application hosting is secure?
  • You need to update your website to generate more leads.
    • Where is it hosted?
    • Who has the GoDaddy credentials?
    • How can we use SEO to improve our search rankings?
    • Do we need to buy ads on Google? How does that work?

There are all examples of technology systems that sound like they are getting Out of Control.

Out of Control
I got this

We are here to help you gain and maintain control of your technology systems. Our goal is to help you get to the point where you feel like "I've got this!".

First we can help you Gain Control by reviewing your systems and providing some documentation and helping you understand what you have. (This probably won't take as long as you might think.)

Then we can help you Maintain Control by helping you implement best practices with day to day IT management, software development, project management, and vendor relationships.

If you're not already taking advantage of cloud computing, we can help you take advantage of that as well. Almost every organization can benefit by saving money and increasing reliability by taking advantage of cloud technology.