Our Approach

Some people relate well to other people while others are more comfortable interacting with computers. The latter type are necessities for technology companies but too many are staffed with only that type. To use a restaurant analogy, you can think of the first group of people as waiters and the second group as cooks.

Cooks and Waiters - which one would you rather interact with?
He makes delicious food (or writes good code or knows how to optimize your network traffic). Absolutely critical to the operation, but you don't really want to interact directly with him.
It all boils down to communication.
As you've no doubt experienced, many people who are great with technology are more comfortable with computers than with people.
She is a great communicator who can translate your wishes to the "cooks". Clearly answers your questions, makes good recommendations based on your input, sets realistic expectations, and keeps you up-to-date on progress.
We pride ourselves on being able to communicate well.

We understand that it takes both to ensure a great experience for you.